Adhesive Cementation System for Lithium Disilicate Restorations.

eCEMENT is a resin cementation system designed to simplify the placement of lithium disilicate (e.g. IPS e.max®*)restorations.

Lithium disilicate is a silica based glass ceramic available in pressed and milled forms, with both high and medium opacities, and high and low t is,XX.

The eCEMENT system contains both light-cure, and dual-cure resin cement,ensuring that all of your lithium disilicate restorations will have exceptional retention and esthetics. The eCEMENT system may also be used for cementation of all restorations including veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, three-unit bridges CAD/CAM blocks & pressable ingots made of lithium disilicate.

Unique Benefits:

•Easy removal of excess cement

•Low film thickness

•eCEMENT dual-cured: Radiopaque

Clinical Significance:

• eCEMENT is a combination of innovative and proven products to successfully cement lithium disilicate restorations:

• eCEMENT light-cured cements

flow within the milled cement spaces and are fully reactive at 2mm to the absorbing light energy

• eCEMENT dual-cured cement ensures polymerization where the light cannot reach.

• Porcelain Primer to silanate the lithium disilicate(e.g.IPSe.max⑤*).

• All-Bond Universal® creates a sealed surface to both dentin and enamel

• 4% Porcelain Etchant is used to treat the lithium disilicate

• Select HV® Etch w/BAC is used to condition the tooth structure before bonding



eCEMENT® (kit)

Features & Benefits

Radiopaque (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Radiopaque (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Easy to identify on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis.

High Degree of Conversion (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

High Degree of Conversion (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Extremely high degree of conversion in both light- and self-cured modes ensures a strong, long lasting restoration.

Strong Bond to Lithium Disilicate

Strong Bond to Lithium Disilicate

Ideal for all e.max® restorations, delivering high shear bond strength.

Low Film Thickness

Low Film Thickness

Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated.

Adhesive Resin Cement

Adhesive Resin Cement

Adhesive resin cement, a bonding agent is required.

Auto-Mix (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Auto-Mix (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix and easy placement.

Easy Clean up

Easy Clean up

Formulated to allow for quick and easy removal of excess cement.

Dual-Cured (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Dual-Cured (eCEMENT Dual-Cured)

Dual-cured, material will cure even in deep restorations where light cannot reach!

Additional information


Universal, Milky Bright

Cure Type

Light Cure, Dual Cure

Packaging Type



Permanent cement


Packaging Type:


  • 1 Syringe Light-Cured eCEMENT (4.5g), Accessories, Instructions


  • 1 Dual-Cured eCEMENT Dual-Syringe (8g), Accessories, Instructions

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