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The powerful all-in-one universal adhesive for all etching techniques and a wide variety of restorative materials

SHOFU offers dental professionals BeautiBond Xtreme, a new light-curing, self-etch, all-in-one, universal adhesive for bonding direct and indirect restorations.

Just like its predecessor BeautiBond Universal, this adhesive is characterised by excellent bond strengths, low technique sensitivity and convenient application in one step. But users no longer require an activator or enhancer for certain restorative materials.

BeautiBond Xtreme will play to its strengths wherever strong bonds are needed. An innovative silane coupling agent “ARS” (Acid Resistant Silane coupling agent) makes the chemical composition highly stable. Without an additional primer, this adhesive reliably bonds a wide variety of restoratives to enamel and dentin. It does not matter whether tooth surfaces are wet or dry or what etching technique is used.

Besides bonding direct and indirect restorations, BeautiBond Xtreme can also be used in cementing root posts, creating core build-ups, repairing fractured restorations or sealing tooth preparations.

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the dispensing bottle, opening, dispensing and closing can be done with just one hand. The nozzle has been specially designed to deliver very small drops (approx. 260 per bottle), ensuring economical dispensing with only minimal loss of material.

BeautiBond Xtreme allows users to etch, prime and bond quickly and reliably in one step. Inconvenient work steps, such as shaking or mixing and repeated application, have been eliminated, so bonding is fast and dependable.

BeautiBond Xtreme adapts very well to surfaces and can be applied precisely. The adhesive film is only approx. 5 μm thick, which makes this filler- and HEMA-free adhesive the system of choice, particularly for minimally invasive dentistry and highly aesthetic restorations.

BeautiBond Xtreme can be stored at temperatures between 1 and 25 °C without degradation. It does not have to warm up to room temperature before use but can be used immediately.







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5 ml

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Set containing:

- 1 x 5 ml bottle of BeautiBond Xtreme 
- 50 fine disposable brushes
- 25 x SHOFU V-Dish trays

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