All-Bond Universal is the culmination of over 30 years of adhesive research at BISCO. As a universal adhesive it can be used with direct and indirect restorations and is formulated to be compatible with light-, dual- and self-cured materials. The versatility of All-Bond Universal makes it an indispensable part of any dental practice. 

Unique Benefits:

- Not moisture sensitive use on wet, dry or moist tooth structure

- Bonds to ALL substrates

- Use with ALL direct and indirect restorations (<10 micron thickness)

- Ideal chemical balance for both total- and self-etch adhesion from one bottle

- Compatible with ALL resin cements (no additional activator required)

- Virtually no post-operative sensitivity


Clinical Significance :

- All-Bond Universal offers the flexibility for total-, self- and selective-etch procedures

- All-Bond Universal is compatible with all light-, self- and dual-cured resin composite and cement materials for all direct and indirect procedures

- Other single bottle adhesives may need more than 1 bottle for indirect restorations, but with All-Bond Universal, NO activator is required.




Features & Benefits

Single Bottle Single Bottle

Truly universal single bottle system.


No Activator Required No Activator Required

No need for a separate activator.


Total Universatility Total Universatility

Can be used for direct and indirect restorations in all cure modes, and with any bonding technique.


Contains MDP Contains MDP

Contains MDP monomers for enhanced durability.

Compatibility Compatibility

Compatible with all light-, self-, and dual-cured materials.

Versatility Versatility

Can be used with self-, total-, and selective-etch bonding techniques.

Strong Bond to Dentin Strong Bond to Dentin

High shear bond strength to dentin.

Unparalleled Bond Unparalleled Bond

Impressive bond strength to ALL substrates.

Low Film Thickness Low Film Thickness

Allows adhesive to readily flow into etched surfaces.

Moisture Tolerant Moisture Tolerant

Bonds in the presence of moisture.

Light-Cured Light-Cured

Light-cured adhesive.

Additional information

Cure Type

Light Cure

Bond Generation


Packaging Type

1 Bottle (4ml), 1 Bottle (6ml)


Available Options :

- 4 ml Bottle Refill 

- 6 ml Bottle Refill 

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