• High Quality Distilled Water

The capacity of this 750W 110V water distiller machine is 1.06Gal/4L, and 1/4 Gal/H distillation speed, 0.3 Gal/H VOC dissolution rate, which can effectively dissolve pollutants in water.In addition, combined with the stainless steel inner tank and filter of the distilled water machine you can easily enjoy higher quality distilled water in the kitchen, office or laboratory etc.

  • Easy to Use and Clean

This home distiller can run automatically just press the switch on the back and reset button after it is powered on. The brushed stainless steel liner and included fruit cleaner make limescale cleaning easy.

  • Fast Heat Dissipation

The top of the water distillers contains 4-blade aluminum fans and SUS 304 double condenser pipes and exhaust caps, which can ensure the machine to dissipate heat quickly and prolong its service life.

  • Safe and Durable

This water distillers for home countertop has overheat protection function to prolong the life of the machine, when the internal temperature of the machine reaches 320°F, it will automatically shut down. In addition, the switch design on the back of the machine allows you to avoid the safety hazards caused by repeated plugging and unplugging of the power supply.

Brand YoungTree
Special Feature Fast Heat Dissipation, Reduce TDS, Automatic Shut-Off
Product Dimensions 9.99"L x 10"W x 15.7"H
Package Information Bottle
Installation Type Countertop type
Power Source Ac
Upper Temperature Rating 320 Degrees Fahrenheit

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