AF R Wire Tech for Shaping Files

AF H Wire Tech for Finishing Files

3 Shaping Files, 3 Finishing Files

Specialty for variable Taper 6 Files Design

Suitable for Curved Root Canal Preparation

High elasticity of NITI Material


1. Scout the coronal 2/3 with a k file ?10;

2. Use S? to create straight line access to canal orifice;

3. In alternative after scouting with k file ?10;

4. Make a manual glide-path with ?15 k file and ?20 k file;

5. Then use S1 with brushing motion till to working length;

6. Then use S2 with brushing motion till to working length; ?. Then retake electronic working length with a k file ?20;

8. Use F1 in brushing motion till to working length;

9. Gauge the foramen with a ?20 ? file;

10. If the instrument is snug at length, the canal is shaped and ready to be obuturated;

11. However, if the instrument is till loose at length, proceed to the F2;

12. Use F2 to working length optional ( in large canal);

13. Use F3 to working length if necessary.



Additional information

Tip Size

F1, F2, F3, SX (19mm), S1, S2, F4, F5, Assorted SX - F3

File Length

31mm, 25mm, 19mm


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