The Smile Scan IntraOral Scanner from Keven Peter (Woodpecker Brand) delivers effective, precise and efficient digital impressions at an affordable price. Smile Scan was designed for simplicity and functionality.

The Smile Scan Software Provides:
* Effortless Case Sharing with Dental Labs
* Comprehensive Software Toolbox Features to Enhance Scans
* User Friendly Interface

All product support is provided by GoldenDent based in Detroit Michigan. We are knowledgeable about the Smile Scan hardware and its associated digital software platform. The Smile Scan installation instructions are clear and provided in step-by-step detail to get your intraoral scanner up and running quickly. All User Manuals can be downloaded from the links below for review. The recommended computer software requirements are provided below.

mile Scan IntraOral Scanner

The minimum and recommended computer requirements to utilize the KP Intraoral Scanner are as follows:

KP Intraoral ScannerThe KP Intraoral Scanner product specifications are as follows:

KP Intraoral Scanner product specifications

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- 1 unit

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