armonize™ begins with ART, Adaptive Response Technology, the nanoparticle filler system that makes achieving lifelike restorations easier than ever before. It is formed of 81% inorganic material by weight, with an average primary particle size of less than 50 nm.

It is the ART in Harmonize that enables:
• Adaptive reflection to the light wavelength for an enhanced chameleon effect
• Superior gloss retention and easier polishability
• Adaptive viscosity for an easy shape of the composite and prevention of slumping
• Minimised stickiness and simplified carving
• Better curing efficacy for a long-lasting performance

Light reflection like a natural tooth

Just like a natural human tooth, and unlike other universal composites, Harmonize™ adapts to the light wavelength by reflecting diffuse light at lower wavelengths and specular light at higher wavelengths. This results in better blending than leading composites.


Proven mechanical strength

Harmonize™ demonstrates superior strength to other composites.


Spherical shape

The spherical shape of the ART filler system is carefully controlled to maximise loading, minimising stickiness and simplifying carving. This reduces the risk of pullback and cavosurface voids.


Additional information


A1 Dentin, A2 Dentin, A3 Dentin, A1 Enamel, A2 Enamel, A3 Enamel, Translucent Gray Incisal, Translucent Blue Incisal, Xl enamel, Incisal Translucent SuperClear, Incisal Translucent Amber, Incisal Translucent Clear


Syringe Refill


Available option :

  • 1× 4g Syringe 


Dentine : A1 , A2 , A3 

Enamel : A1 , A2 , A3  

 XL , Incisal Translucent Blue, Incisal Translucent Gray, Incisal Translucent Clear, Incisal Translucent Amber


  • 1× 3g Syringe 

Incisal Translucent SuperClear

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