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Flash Pearl is a calcium carbonate that has a natural taste. The powder does not form a mass that clogs the nozzle. Flash Pearl also reduces the acidity of the oral fluid and inhibits the development of bacteria while reducing tartar formation. This product is ideal for cleaning the teeth of patients sensitive to sodium bicarbonate or suffering from hypersensitivity.



· Effective, fast results

· M '' s delicate natural taste, without impurities

· Biodegradable and does not form lumps

· Suitable for polishing systems of all manufacturers

· Spherical pellets remove food residue from all inaccessible places.

Flash Pearl pellets are small and spherical in contrast to the sodium bicarbonate powder particles. This provides better contact and access to all surfaces. A more directional angle also provides greater processing safety.


Flash Pearl moves smoothly across the surface of the teeth


The Flash Pearl spherical shape polishes the tooth surface, unlike the effect of sharp sodium bicarbonate particles, to a gloss and without damage to the tooth enamel.

A cleaning powder , is spherical particulate powder designed to roll smoothly over
tooth surfaces and penetrate all corners for rapid cleaning.
The spherical shape of the powder granules lessens the likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue while removing
stains and plaque quickly and safely.

- Powerful
- Quick results
- Soft & Gentle
- Sodium-free natural taste
- Biodegradable and non-clogging
- Suitable for all other manufacturers' air polishing systems

Spherical granules remove residues from every corner
FLASH pearl granules are small and spherically shaped compared to particles of sodium bicarbonate powder. This
means more contact and better access to clean all target areas effectively. A wider working angle also provides greater treatment safety.

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-1 Bottle of 300 g

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